Ellen puts her face on Gerard Butler’s kilt

Ellen puts her face on Gerrys Kilt. Ellen dresses her 300 action man
Ellen puts her face on Gerrys Kilt. Ellen dresses her 300 action man

Gerard Butler appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on 24/3/2010. A broad range of topics were discussed during the 10 minute interview. Gerard Butler spoke about his experience as a presenter at the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards. Gerard Butler spoke about his travels, such as Brazil, India and Iceland.

Gerry revealed that some of his worldly adventures have been unpredictable, risky and also exciting. Gerry was very keen to talk about his experience in Iceland where he visited the country to film Beowulf and Grendel back in 2005.

“We were in a place one time and, literally, if something had gone wrong, we would not have been found for months…Halle… wanted to go and find this warm spring and they had to literally climb over these mountain tops to get there on this ground that just gave way, because it was all just volcanic ash. It was dark and they didn’t come back and I thought, ‘Oh, they’re dead, and I’m dead. I’m stuck here…And then we go to start the car and the battery had died… We were stuck there for a day and a half and then Halle ended up going on this jaunt… He disappeared for a day and came back with a battery. He’s one of these guys who’s like, ‘Anything is possible’.”

Gerard Butler then described witnessing the Northern lights going off in the sky, was one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of his life.

Ellen was very direct in terms of representing her audience. For example, she queried whether Gerard Butler had a girlfriend? Gerard Butler smiled at her question and revealed that he remains single. Ellen then quickly mentioned that Mary from the audience is a HUGE Gerard Butler fan, and quickly introduced them.

Towards the end of the interview, Ellen presented Gerard Butler with a kilt with her face on it. Ellen wrapped her arms around Gerard Butler’s waist as she dressed the 300 action man. She then bent over to reveal a pair of Ellen panties. We have captured both moments on camera and have displayed them in this article.

Gerard Butler ended the interview by mentioning two recent film projects: How to train your dragon and The Bounty Hunter.

Gerard Butler Video: Gerard Butler interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on 24/3/2010.
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