Gerard Butler attends Premiere for The Phantom of the Opera Sequel – Love never dies

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler who once starred as The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera the movie, attended the premiere of The Phantom of the Opera ‘s sequel stage production, Love never dies on March 9th 2010. The event took place in London at the Adelphi Theatre.

Gerard Butler was one of many guests at the event, including Trinny Woodall who he once dated two a years ago (Trinny Woodall from Trinny and Susannah , What not to wear). Gerard Butler and Trinny Woodall had a quick catch-up at the event.

Although The Phantom of the Opera sequel has received mixed reviews, the celebrity guests provided positive feedback on the nights performance.

Gerard Butler fans are hoping that The Phantom of the Opera Sequel will be translated into a movie with Gerard Butler starring as the Phantom in due course. We will keep Gerard Butler fans updated on whether this will take place.

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