It costs a lot to look this cheap

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler arrived at BBC’s Radio One studio on March 10th 2010, to accept an interview with Scott Mills. Gerard Butler was greeted by the paparazzi, and eager Gerard Butler fans outside the station. Gerard Butler negotiated his way through the crowd by signing a handful of autographs. Gerard Butler was seen laughing his head off when he realized the crowd would not die down.

Although Gerard Butler has a mountain of wealth from all the movies that he starred in, he remains practical in terms of his shopping behaviour. For example Gerard Butler is commonly seen wearing the same tee shirts, jeans and sneakers in the public lime light:


Above Pictures: Gerard Butler wears the same tee shirt on 10/3/10, 14/2/2010, 1/2/2010, 15/2/2010

The press and media have not been critical about Gerard Butler’s choice in clothing, partly because Gerard Butler likes to mix and match different pieces to make each outfit unique. In addition, the media are less critical about men’s fashion in contrast with women’s fashion.

There is nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes more than once, regardless of one’s wealth. Reducing the amount of clothes we dispose of, is more environmentally friendly. In addition, it is ok to have favourite items of clothing.

The message that Gerard Butler fans receive from his choice of clothing, is that Gerard Butler remains grounded and down to earth despite his wealth and success. He has not let his wealth get to his head and spends his money wisely on things that matter such as charitable causes.

However by doing so, Gerard Butler disqualifies himself as being a leading fashion icon because people expect fashion icons to lead the world of fashion with new fashion pieces and looks.

In addition, by doing so, the press and media may be less interested in publishing pictures of Gerard Butler in magazines because some of his photographs from different events, look very similar. Wearing different items of clothing will give media publishers a variety of images to work with, to drum up readers interest.

Although Gerard Butler’s character in The Ugly Truth argues that men can be incredibly ‘visual’, women to, can be ‘visual’ in terms of taking an interest in fashion and men.

Therefore, Gerard Butler’s attitude towards clothing has its pros and cons in terms of how the media portrays him, and how the public actually thinks of him.

Anyway, the radio interview was very brief.

On air, Gerard Butler spoke about his latest travels in relation to The Bounty Hunter. Destinations included LA, New York and Mexico. The trip to Mexico was also in celebration of Jennifer Aniston’s birthday. Gerard Butler mentioned it was a group celebration.

Gerard Butler also mentioned his trip to Brazil where he enjoyed a few days of intense fun in Rio.

Gerard Butler then spoke about his stay in London, and mentioned a last minute guest appearance at the stage premiere for The Phantom of the Opera Sequel.

Gerard Butler then spoke about his latest movie The Bounty Hunter, and the topic of fashion came into the conversation.

In The Bounty Hunter, Gerard Butler’s character wore the same shirt throughout the film, apart from the scene where he was in the Hotel. Gerard Butler mentioned that a lot of thought actually went into that shirt as it took forever for his team to choose that top.

Gerard Butler joked:
“It costs a lot to look this cheap” Gerard Butler quote.

Gerard Butler mentioned countless scenes where he had to scoff his face with Burritos whilst filming The Bounty Hunter. Gerard Butler laughed that the quantity of food made him ill.

Gerard Butler then spoke about his love for helicopter rides, and said that he had to leave the radio station to attend a football match.

Click on the play button to listen to Gerard Butlers interview with Scott Mills at BBC Radio One :


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