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Coriolanus Film Set Gerard Butler on the film set coriolanus

Film production for Coriolanus the movie, has finished in Serbia.

Gerard Butler is covered in fake tattoos in this role, including a religious figure on his right bicep, and the words Volsci on his left bicep.
The presence of tattoo markings on Gerard Butler’s body is of symbolic significance in this movie. The religious image on his left bicept is a powerful reminder, of Tullus’s life-time commitment to his religion and faith.

The word ‘Volsci’ on his right bicept, defines Tullus’s identity. ‘Volsci’ refers to people of ancient Italy whose territory was conquered by the Romans in the fourth century B.C.

We have also acquired two concept art frames from the movie Coriolanus. The concept art provides us with a real taste of the fighting and rioting scenes expected in the movie.

Article continued below the concept art for Coriolanus…

Coriolanus concept art
Coriolanus concept art
Coriolanus concept art
Coriolanus concept art

The cast and crew for Coriolanus include the following:

  • Ralph Fiennes – Caius Martius ‘Coriolanus’
  • Gerard Butler – Tullus Aufidius
  • Vanessa Redgrave – Volumnia (Coriolanus mother)
  • John Logan – Screenwriter (Most notable work include: Gladiator, The Aviator, The Last Samurai, Star Trek: Nemesis, Sweeney Todd, and Any Given Sunday)
  • Barry Ackroyd – DoP (Notable work: The Hurt Locker)

In an interview, Ralph Fiennes, revealed why Gerard Butler was chosen for the role of Tullus Aufidius:

“The male rivalry is integral to Coriolanus…and Gerard is perfectly able to deliver that menacing presence.”

This modern day adaptation of Coriolanus is expected to attract a broad audience including Gerard Butler fans, fans of Shakespeare, and movie goers that have a thirst for modern war movies with action packed military scenes.

We have a Gerard Butler interview confirming the cast for Coriolanus, and two behind-the-scenes video clips for Coriolanus the movie below.

Coriolanus the movie is scheduled for release next year.

Video: Gerard Butler interview on Coriolanus the movie

Summary: Gerard Butler meets the MOD military officials in Serbia 2010. Gerard Butler approached one of the officials and joked “Oh dear. I thought I was the tallest until I met you” Quote Gerard Butler on the Coriolanus Film set.

Gerard Butler is later joined by the director Ralph Fiennes.

Hit play to start the video.

Video: Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes on the film set of Coriolanus the movie

Summary: Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler on the film set of Coriolanus. Check out Gerard Butler’s tattoos!

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Video: Gerard Butler interview on Coriolanus the movie

Summary: Gerard Butler confirms the cast for Coriolanus the movie. He mentions Coriolanus (played by Ralph Fiennes) hates Tullus Aufidius’s guts (played by Gerard Butler). The hatred is evident in the way Coriolanus addresses Tullus, because Coriolanus always uses Tullus’s full name whenever his name is mentioned. Gerard Butler also mentioned that he enjoys accepting a broad range of roles just to keep things fresh, and he enjoys a challenge.

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