Gerard Butler’s surprise visit

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler gave his parents a surprise visit at a restaurant in Comrie, Perthshire, on his parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.
Gerard Butler’s step father Alex Coll, and his Mother Margaret were delighted to see their son back home.

In an interview, Gerard Butler quoted: “I wanted to surprise them.They were just having a meal at a restaurant and I just walked in. They couldn’t believe it and were over the moon.”

Gerard Butler then met up with a few friends at the Boho nightclub at midnight and stayed until 2.45am. Although Gerard Butler has friends and family living close by, he chose to stay at a local hotel.

Manager Paul Hislop said: “Last time Gerard was in the club, he was on the dance floor, but this time he said he was just popping in and was happy to sit and talk to people.”

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