Gerard Butler falls ill on the Coriolanus film set

Gerard Butler was rushed to hospital on the 29th April 2010 following reports of chest pains and high blood pressure, according to the local media in Serbia where Gerard Butler is filming Coriolanus.

Gerard Butler’s mother who lives in Comrie, Perthshire was quick to deny that her son had suffered chest pains. She explained that Gerard Butler was not admitted to a hospital. Instead, she revealed that Gerard Butler saw a local doctor, to treat the symptoms caused by the dusty conditions on the Coriolanus film set. Gerard Butler was prescribed throat lozenges to ease the discomfort caused by the pollutants in his work environment.

Gerard Butler’s mother Margaret quoted the following in an interview:

“It’s a gross exaggeration. He’s filming in old factories and the whole crew are suffering from congestion. That’s it… He says they’re all suffering from it and because he’s filming they have to be careful…It was a local doctor he saw, he wasn’t admitted to hospital. I know that he has been working very long hours on this film.”

Although the movie Coriolanus is fictional story, the actors and the occupational health hazards that come with the film’s production are very real. It’s a good thing that Gerard Butler has a very large health insurance policy in place. Lets hope he doesn’t have to make an insurance claim.

The movie Coriolanus is scheduled for release next year.

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