Gerard Butler refurbishes his New York Apartment

gerard_butler_architechtural_digest Society du Vin Gerard butler - dining room Gerard butler 1 Gerard butler media room Gerard butler gerard butler 3 gerard_butlers_new_york_apartmentGerard Butler has recently refurbished his New York apartment, shortly after our previous report on Gerard Butlers home .

The biggest notable change to Gerard Butler’s New York apartment, is lighting. The new lighting has instantly lifted the emotional mood associated with apartment. Gerard Butler has also improved the apartment’s interior design by introducing warmer colours to the apartment, and characterizing the fixture and fittings to reflect his multi-faceted identity.
In an interview, Gerard Butler described his his newly refurbished New York apartment as a:

“…bohemian old-world rustic chateau with a taste of baroque,” Gerard Butler quote.

Although Gerard Butler considered the option of buying a new apartment , he decided to refurbish his property instead. Economically it made more sense.

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