Gerard Butler gives Lady GoGa some Fame

Gerard Butler News – Gerard Butler gives Lady GoGa some Fame

Gerard Butler recently attended The Cannes Film Festival 2010.

Gerard Butler fans were surprised that the media did not link him to any of the guests at the event… until now.

According to New York Post, Gerard Butler is pursuing Kazakh billionaire Goga Ashkenazi (Lady Goga).

The “un-named” NYP source claimed Gerard Butler exchanged numbers with Lady Goga at Cannes, and visited her West London mansion last weekend:

“Gerard was spotted chatting up Goga at a party in Cannes and they exchanged numbers.” (Quote: Anon.)

There is no photographic evidence to support these claims. Therefore some Gerard Butler fans believe this maybe another publicity stunt .

So who is Lady Goga?

Lady Goga is perhaps one of Kazakhstan’s richest women. She is an Oxford graduate and owns a gold-mining and construction company.

Rest assured the lady isn’t gold digger… even though she does own a gold-mining business.

She has a good publicist working for her. For example, her publicist recently helped her negotiate an exclusive interview deal with The Evening Standard, placing Lady Goga on cover of ES magazine earlier this month (See picture above).

Lady Goga is quite an interesting character. However, the lady does seem to attract a lot of danger. For example, in an interview, Lady Goga revealed that she gets robbed all the time:

‘My insurance company literally just told me they don’t want to renew my insurance,’ she says. ‘They say it isn’t worth it. When I travel people are always stealing from me. I just lost a very serious piece of jewelery in St Barts – earrings with huge stones, and a very big Chopard heart pendant, which were in the safe.’ (Quote: Lady Goga).

Perhaps Lady Goga should hire more body guards…


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