The Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan Reunion

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan were spotted at Lady Victoria Hervy’s party in Hollywood on June 12th 2010.

There were over 100 guests at the party. A majority of guests were British.

Gerard Butler and Lindsay Lohan arrived separately and acknowledged each other’s presence with a brief embrace.

The media previously speculated that the two maybe romantically linked following a previous acquaintance at the Mazagan Beach Resort Launch on the 31st October 2009.

Here are some comments from Gerard Butler fans:

“From Gerard’s body language, you can tell that he wants to keep distance from her.” Anon.

“Hook up.. hahaha !!! That hug is not very hot at all.look at their body language. It looks like the most asexual hug ever.” Anon.

“Thats all it takes to hook up? An awkward hug?” Anon.

“There is nothing to it.He gives everyone hugs.He might be telling her to get her act together before it is too late. ” Lynn

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