Gerard Butler and Seth Have Tiny Dogs – Late Night with Seth

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler appeared on NBC’s Late Night With Seth on Thursday.

Gerard Butler describes his little pug as: ‘She’s a little Pug and she’s beautiful,’. ‘It’s weird because I never thought about [how small she was] when I got it, and I fell in love with it and basically adopted it. ‘But then suddenly when I saw the first paparazzi photos…and she barely comes up to my ankle and it’s like, “What are we doing together?!”‘

Gerard Butler, the former 300 lead actor who played King Leonidas is 6foot2 tall.

Gerard Butlers dog
Gerard Butlers dog

Gerard Butler then went on to talk about his latest film release ‘How to train your Dragon 2’.

‘…they put cameras all over the room when you’re [recording] and then they animate with accordance to how you move your face…When I saw it in the theatre I was like, “I know those eyebrows!”‘

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler interview on Late Night With Seth.

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  1. Hazel keight
    July 31

    Aww,you are sooo handsome and Scottish and beautiful and perfect,only snag is,I’m a cat lady and you’re a dog man……although pugs are as small as you like cats?xxx

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