Twofie Shootout — Jimmy Kimmel vs. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler and Jimmy Kimmel
Gerard Butler and Jimmy Kimmel


Gerard Butler appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week.

Jimmy Kimmel challenged Gerard Butler to a “Twofie Shootout”. Gerard Butler accepted the “twofies” Challenge which meant they both had to try to get more “twofies” than the other. A ‘twofie” is a selfie with another person. A selfie is defined as a picture taken by the subject.

The two celebrities tried to take as many selfies with as many strangers as they could within 30 seconds. Only pictures featuring two eyes, two mouths qualified as a “twofie”.

Enjoy the “Twofie Shootout Challenge” Video below. The contest took place on the Hollywood Blvd involving random members of the public.


[hdwplayer id=17]

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  1. Melissa
    July 6

    Yeah u , I and. 2million more!

  2. Paulette casey
    October 12

    Omg I wish I had been there

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