Gerard Butler gets physical on the Bounty Hunter Film set


Gerard Butler got physical on The Bounty Hunter Film Set yesterday morning (Monday 15th June 2009). The filming took place at Brooklyn in New York in the early hours. A crowd of onlooking spectators including Gerard Butler fans and the paparazzi, quickly gathered in the surrounding area as filming took place. The crowd stood and gazed in silence as Gerard Butler climbed precariously up some scaffolding before reaching the roof top where filming took place. Gerry is clearly fearless in his pursuit for a great action movie.

More on the The Bounty Hunter the movie starring Gerard Butler:

The filming for ‘The Bounty Hunter’ has finished. The leading actors on set include Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.

The Bounty Hunter film review synopsis:

Gerard Butler plays a bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve a target who skipped bail. The target happens to be a woman who he was previously married to. The ex wife is played by Jennifer Aniston.

The movie is tipped to be one of the top upcoming action comedy movies by Columbia Pictures to watch. Sarah Thorp is the writer for ‘The Bounty Hunter’, and the film is directed by Andy Tennant who have worked on successful projects including ‘Hitch’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’.

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