Gerard Butler pursues Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler on the film set (June 16th) with the red, white and blue flag blowing victoriously in the background.

Filming for The Bounty Hunter continued for Gerard Butler in Brooklyn New York yesterday morning ( June 16 2009 ). The Bounty Hunter scene on the 16th June is a development from the scene that was filmed on the 15th June. In this latest scene, Gerard Butler chases Jennifer Aniston through America’s National Independence day Parade on the fourth of July. The fact that the writer & director chose to base this scene on this particular day, is of symbolic significance to the movie.

The parade is a major national event which seeks to remind Americans the real meaning for the holiday – conjuring feelings and emotions of true patriotism. The Parade consists of bands, fife and drum corps, floats, military and specialty units, giant balloons, equestrian, drill teams, VIP’s & national dignitaries.

The director Andy Tennant , obviously wanted to tap into our positive feelings about America and then associate it with this movie. After all, Andy Tennant is well known for developing a whole range of feel-good movies including ‘Hitch’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’.

The Bounty Hunter role for Gerard Butler has been rather physical so far, involving lots of climbing, jumping and chasing. Fortunately this isn’t problem for Gerard Butler, who have received plenty of physical training in the past.

For example, Gerard Butler have been specially trained by Mark Twight who is a former professional mountaineer and current consultant for US army special operations. Mark Twight was hired to train Gerard Butler for three months, exercising 6 hours a day in preparation for his role in Tomb Raider.

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