Gerard Butler shows that a short walk could be good for you

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler went for a relaxing stroll to work, through New York city yesterday afternoon ( June 9th 2009 ). He was happy to absorb the wonderful weather that New York had to offer. Gerard Butler demonstrates a short walk could be good for you. It’s something that most of us could do more in our life styles. Grabbing your car keys or a taxi on unnecessary journeys is bad for the environment, but nearly half of us (48%) have owned up to doing *.

Walking is one of the most sustainable ways to complete a short journey as it emits the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Walking is on the decline due to the increase in car ownership over the past 30 years. The distance walked by individuals went from 244 miles to 189 miles between 1986 and 2001**.

There are so many benefits associated with short walks – which explains why Gerard Butler chose this method of getting to the film set of ‘The Bounty Hunter’.


Benefits of walking:

You’ll get fitter; you lose weight, its simple, its sociable, you’ll be less stressed, its flexible, everyone can do it, you will develop exceptional muscle tone & you’ll save money on petrol.

More on the Bounter Hunter the movie starring Gerard Butler:

The filming for ‘Bounty Hunter’ has finished The leading actors on set include Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.


The Bounty Hunter film review synopsis:

Gerard Butler plays a bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve a target who skipped bail. The target happens to be a woman who he was previously married to. The former wife is played by Jennifer Aniston.

The movie is tipped to be one of the top upcoming action comedy movies by Columbia Pictures to watch. Sarah Thorp is the writer for ‘Bounty Hunter’, and the film is directed by Andy Tennant who have worked on successful projects including ‘Hitch’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’.

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