The newly formed Love Triangle between Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston & Jason Sudeikis



Jason Sudeikis has joined The Bounty Hunter film cast and will be starring alongside Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in this movie.

For those who are unfamiliar with Jason Sudeikis, he is a 33 year old American actor and Comedian . He is a good looking chap with a great sense of humor. You may recognize Jason Sudeikis from Saturday night live and 30 rock. Click here to watch Jason Sudeikis and Gerard Butler on SNL Saturday Night Live, in a comedy sketch entitled ‘What up with that’.  

Jason Sudeikis shares common ground with Gerard Butler in terms of former roles.

For example, Jason once played Count Dracula in a one-off sketch about a group of villagers who get tricked by Frankenstein, into capturing Dracula instead of him.

Gerard Butler also played Count Dracula in the film Dracula 2000.

Obviously Jason made a right mockery of his last role as Count Dracula, as his script was a comedy sketch. Gerard Butler on the other hand, gave us the darkest performance of his life, for the horror movie Dracula 2000.

Nevertheless, there is an interesting and “spooky” parallel between Gerard Butler’s and Jason Sudeikis’s work history.

There is no doubt that Jason Sudeikis will add great comic value to this romantic comedy ‘The Bounty Hunter’.

According to Reuters back in June 17th 2009, Jason Sudeikis will undertake a role that will form a love triangle between the roles played by Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. It is believed that Jason Sudeikis will play the role of ‘Stewart’ who deluded himself into thinking that Jennifer’s character is his girlfriend and takes off after her. It is unclear if Jason’s character will win the heart of Jennifer Aniston’s heart towards the end of the film – so the audience will have to watch the movie to find out.

However, there are a few important developments to note, since film production for The Bounty Hunter started back in June 15th 2009.

The first notable development, is that we have noticed the film producers changed Jennifer Aniston’s on screen name from ‘Cassidy’ to ‘ Nicole’. Sony Pictures have not communicated this change to the press or media (date of reporting: 25/12/2009), which explains why a majority of online sources are still referring to Jennifer’s character as ‘Cassidy’ instead of ‘Nicole’.

Nicole is definitely the official name of Jennifer Aniston’s character in the Bounty hunter the movie.

The second notable development is that there is growing uncertainty on whether love triangle dynamic has been removed from the film’s plot altogether. Rationale: The official The Bounty Hunter film trailer does not draw any reference to this third person dynamic.

Sony Pictures may have deliberately chosen to market this movie inline with high media interest in Gerard Butler’s and Jennifer Aniston’s professional and personal relationship. Therefore, the third person dynamic may still exist in the movie’s plot except this dynamic is not being publicised.

We are hoping that this third party dynamic still remains within the movie’s plot, because a third person dynamic will definitely make the story significantly more interesting in terms of additional conflict and potential outcomes. Jason Sudeikis is a comic genius and would totally rock the role that was originally assigned to him.


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