Gerard Butler gets pulled over by the police!

On the eve of Gerard Butler’s 40th Birthday, Gerard Butler was pulled over by the police as he raced his way to London for an interview with Jonathan Ross on the 12th November 2009.

Although Gerard Butler was driving marginally over the speed limit, he was pulled over by the police because he looked “suspicious” in his baseball cap and big SUV.

Gerard Butler was questioned with regards to his final destination, and was let-off by the police, after Gerry agreed to say ‘hi’ to the copper on the Friday night with Jonathan Ross show.

Jonathan Ross joked that Gerard Butler should not use his show to get points off his licence. Gerry expressed he couldn’t help being an opportunist!

Gerard Butler arrived on time, to promote his latest movie ‘Law Abiding Citizen’.

Gerry was given the honor of introducing all the guests in his macho King Leonidas voice from 300. The poor guy almost lost his voice by the time his interview with Jonathan commenced.

This was the first time Gerard Butler appeared on the Jonathan Ross show.

Jonathan Ross started the interview by congratulating Gerard Butler on his 40th Birthday. Gerard Butler seemed a little bit uncomfortable with his age being mentioned, but he was happy to accept the warm birthday greeting.

Gerard Butler reveals that although he has had an incredible time partying hard in his youth, he hasn’t touched alcohol for over 12 years.

He acknowledged that he was sacked a week before qualifying as a lawyer, because it was clear to everyone that he was not happy working in the legal profession in the long term. Gerard Butler joked his employers felt his talents were ‘best suited for the pub.

Gerard Butler said “In two years I had 32 days off and 25 of those were Mondays…5 were Fridays & 2 were Tuesdays. The Tuesdays were there to make the Mondays more convincing”

Gerard Butler said that it all worked out for best, because it enabled him to follow his dream of becoming an actor.

Gerard Butler then talked about his path to fame, a brief mention about Mrs Brown and revealed more about the production of 300. Gerard revealed the creative process in determining the tone of the most notorious line in 300 ‘This is SPARTA!’. Hit the play button in the video unit below to watch Gerard Butler introduce the guests. View the second video unit at the bottom of this page for the full Gerard Butler interview.

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Above: Video: Gerard Butler introducing the guests on Jonathan Ross Friday Night Show.

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Gerard then spoke about his latest movie, Law Abiding Citizen. Gerard Butler is the producer and leading actor in this movie. Gerry revealed that he wasn’t supposed to play the role he does in Law Abiding Citizen. Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx were both happy to switch roles before the filming started.

Jonathan Ross did a good job interviewing Gerard Butler. Jonathan was good at steering the conversation in the right direction and was amusing and entertaining as usual.

It was very clever of the producers to invite Gerard Butler to introduce all the guests in his Sparta voice. It was an effective strategy in keeping the the audience captivated and tuned-in throughout the show.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

Picture of Gerard Butler on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Show. November 2009

Although the discussion involved some common topics such as his path to fame and former movie experiences such as 300 – Gerard Butler (with the help of Jonathan Ross) was able to keep the conversation fresh with some unique insights and stories that have not been previously shared with the audience.

The interview also focused on the present and the near future – keeping the emphasis more on Law Abiding Citizen in contrast with other upcoming films such as ‘The Bounty’ and ‘How to train your dragon’.

The structure of the interview was well planned by Jonathan Ross as it allowed Gerard Butler to discuss different topics in a relaxed manner. The style of the interview enabled Jonathan Ross to draw out the playfulness in Gerard Butler, and the subsequent insights that made this interview unique.

Hit play to watch Gerard Butler talk on the Jonathan Ross chat show.

Above video: Gerard butler interview with Jonathan Ross 12/11/2009

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