Gerard Butler Wins GQ Man of the Year Award

Gerard Butler was presented with the GQ Man of the year award 2009 at Munich, Germany earlier this month.

Gerard Butler was honored to accept this award, to mark his contribution in the world of film and entertainment.

Gerard Butler, who is most remembered for his role in 300, has had an incredible year working on a range of movies including The Ugly Truth; Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen and How to train your dragon and The Bounty Hunter.

Gerard Butler sent the crowd roaring with laughter as he thanked Emmanuelle – because Emmanuelle… is amazing and because he told him to thank him especially.
Gerard Butler expressed that with celebrities like Sir Bob Geldoff in the audience, he felt inspired to sing us a song. Gerard then quickly murmured “I’m joking, don’t worry”

Gerard Butler GQ Man of the year award 2009:


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