Gerard Butler’s new girlfriend ?

Gerard Butler was spotted in the arms of a beautiful brunette called Beatriz Coelho in Brazil on the 16th February 2010. Some spectators believe this could potentially be Gerard Butler’s new girlfriend. If this is true, it is unclear how a long distance relationship will work for this Scottish actor. Gerard Butler fans are hoping Gerard Butler has finally found the one love he has been searching for.

We have uploaded a recent Gerard Butler interview where he talks about his future wife. He joked that his future wife will resemble the blonde interviewer with cute little specticles.

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Gerard Butler interview on his future girlfriend / wife:
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Gerard Butler has displayed no signs of wanting to leave Brazil. However, his duty as a celebrity awaits in Hollywood. Gerard Butler is currently promoting his new movie The Bounty Hunter and How to train your dragon.

Film production in Serbia for his upcoming movie Coriolanus is also scheduled in March. Gerard Butler has already commenced intensive training for this physical role. Coriolanus is a heavily anticipated movie by Gerard Butler fans and lovers of Shakespeare.

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