Celebrities when they were young

Quiz: Celebrities when they were young. Guess who they are?


Above: Celebrities when they were young.


There is an old saying that time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. The thing is, time never accelerates as time is constant. The reason why we believe time flies, is because we assign more value to it.

Gone are the days of childhood innocence for some adults and celebrities. However, some Peter Pans and Tinkerbells will forever live in Never Never land.

Just try not to verbalize your disbelief in fairies…

We have posted above, photographs of celebrities when they were young. Try to guess who they are?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to discover the answers.

We leave you with a Gerard Butler family photo. We hope you like it.

Gerard Butlers family
Gerard Butlers family

Above family photo, left to right: Unknown, Gerard Butler’s Brother, Gerard Butler’s mother (formerly known as Miss Paisely ), Gerard Butler when he was young, Gerard Butler’s sister. Note: Gerard Butler isn’t wearing a woman’s skirt in this picture. It is a Scottish kilt !

Celebrities when they were young quiz answers. Top left to bottom right:

Pictures: Gerard Butler when he was young. Angelina Jolie when she was young. Cameron Diaz when she was young. Jennifer Aniston when she was young. George clooney when he was young. Natalie Portman when she was young. Kate Hudson when she was young. Leonardo dicaprio when he was young. Lindsay Lohan when she was young. Marilyn Manson when he was young. Natalie Imbruglia when she was young. Nicole Scherziner (pussycat doll) when she was young. Taylor Lautner when he was young. Megan Fox when she was young. Jessica Simpson when she was young. Tom Cruise when he was young.

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